Dignity of service

San José is the largest city in Northern California. It is home to more than one-million people and is an international destination. Being a Councilmember is a serious task, because we are dealing with serious matters. Our representatives are not elected to participate in charades, but to perform their duties with the dignity and respect for which the issues and times call.

As your Councilmember, I will return dignity of service and respect to District 4, and provide the dedication of service to the community that you deserve.

Serving in office is about serving our community, which can only be done by representation that respects and listens to the people. Elected leaders should be about community advancement, not self promotion. I supported the current office holder when he ran in 2016 because I knew him personally before his announcement and he was challenging someone that did not do the job at all. However, once in office, he would not take time to hear the voices of constituents, and even insulted advocates hoping to work with him on key issues. As I talk with the residents of District 4, one of the most disappointing complaints I am told is that they do not feel respected or heard. I believed he would be an effective representative for our neighborhoods, but he has not.

I am choosing to run for City Council because the residents of District 4 deserve better.

You deserve a Councilmember that will build and maintain relationships across the community, and be available to you. I am excited for this opportunity, and want to put all of my passions and energy into this work. I only get to do this by working with all of you, and doing it with respect and dignity of service. I want to continue to grow and foster the trust and rapport I have with you and our community.

Additionally, I will ensure that the District 4 council office is fully staffed and transparent. Staff are liaisons to the community. Our PTA’s, our neighborhood associations, and the community groups we build are only successful with a strong connection to our local government. With all of the responsibilities at City Hall and to you, I need a strong team that can connect with you and help me do more for you. Working collaboratively, we can identify the programs and methods that bring us together, and address the challenges that we face as a district, from deteriorating road conditions to repainting crosswalks.

It’s time for change at City Hall, one that will work for you.