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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release, Thursday, May 23, 2019

SAN JOSE, CA -  Huy Tran, candidate for San José City Council, District 4, held his campaign kickoff on Saturday, May 18. Huy, who is challenging the incumbent officeholder, was surrounded by a large group of attendees that showed up despite the rain, including CA Assemblymember Ash Kalra, Milpitas Vice-Mayor Karina Dominguez and County Board of Education Trustee Claudia Rossi, along with the announcement of a new endorsement.

"Huy Tran is one of the most impressive housing advocates with which I have been able to work with.  He is an individual of principle and action not just words,” noted Martha O’Connell, Regional Manager for the Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL). “I am honored to share that our local GSMOL Super chapter has endorsed Huy Tran for City Council because he will be the champion of District 4 and San José deserves on housing and every issue!”

Nearly 100 guests attended the kickoff at Cataldi Park, even with the rain. Attendees were brought together before the program to share and write down the issues and concerns that they hope to see addressed, with housing as the most frequently raised. Speakers at the kickoff included Bao Thien Ngo, Vietnamese community organizer, Tomas Margain, Huy’s law partner in their small worker’s rights firm, Adriana Garcia Cabrera from the Wage Theft Coalition, and Vice-Mayor Dominguez who introduced Huy.

“I met Huy in 2003, and since then, I've seen him become a champion for the underprivileged, whether supporting a charity or doing advocacy work. I've seen many people gravitate to his friendly, engaging, and intelligent personality. Even when the work got tough, he's a fighter and keeps pushing through to get things done. I am honored to call him my friend and an ally in the community,” said Bao Thien Ngo.

San José City Council District 4 comprises the neighborhoods of North San José, Alviso, Berryessa, River Oaks, and Penitencia Creek, and will be the home of BART’s expansion into Silicon Valley when it opens later this year. North San José has been a corridor for growth in recent years, with housing, transit, and commerce expansions. The current incumbent is facing harsh community criticism for actions during his first term, which was plagued with controversy from the start due to the extremely close election results. Huy was the first to announce a bid to challenge the current officeholder.

“The turnout was amazing even with the rain!” an excited Huy Tran noted afterward. “There was such positive energy, and as I told the crowd, ‘I am not a self-made man. I have achieved because we are a community. I stand as a candidate because of those who came before me, and I stand on the shoulders of giants.' I look forward to serving our neighborhoods and living up to the commitment I’m making to the residents of District 4,” added Huy.

Huy continued, “I am running because we need change for District 4 and the City of San Jose. During and after college, these neighborhoods would be where my friends and I spent a lot of time, at the restaurants and parks, and enjoying the hills. What happens here matters to me, and I am ready to work on solutions and serve all of the residents. Only bold actions and the willingness to put people before politics or personal gains will get San José on a path to end displacement and close the growing economic gap that is already destabilizing our community.”

Huy Tran graduated from San José State University in 2005 and received his J.D. from Santa Clara School of Law in 2012. He is currently the founder and co-partner of a worker’s rights/employment law firm. Huy is also an appointed City of San José Commissioner and President of the Vietnamese American Roundtable. He lives in the Capewood neighborhood of District 4, near Morrill and Cropley Avenues.