It’s the number one issue, and it’s time to do something about it. Across San José, the families who have made this city their home are struggling to stay here because of rising rents and increased costs of living. We need real solutions to help keep our residents in their homes, and action to end the displacement of our families.

On the Council, my top three policy objectives will be to 1) tackle homelessness with compassion, 2) enact the commercial linkage fee, and 3) study the rate of residential vacancies in San José. READ MORE

Our Quality of Life

District 4 is home to some of San José’s most beautiful views and parks, home to major tech industry, and a major corridor in and out of Silicon valley. This is why North San José is being targeted for massive development around the new BART station and along the North First Street Corridor. San José as a whole is going to be transformed over the next decade, and you deserve good stewards to navigate us through these changes. We need to ensure that as we welcome new residents and new jobs and build on what makes San José the economic, residential, and cultural icon that it is.

Our quality of life depends on the services that the city provides and on integrating the diversity and culture that comes from our neighborhoods. On Council, I will work towards improving city services and building on the neighborhoods and community spaces that brought us together as a city. READ MORE

Dignity of Service

San José is the largest city in Northern California. It is home to more than one-million people and is an international destination. Being a Councilmember is a serious task, because we are dealing with serious matters. Our representatives are not elected to participate in charades, but to perform their duties with the dignity and respect that the issues and times call for.

As your Councilmember, I will return dignity of service and respect to District 4, and provide the dedication of service to the community that you deserve. READ MORE

Statements from Huy on various items:


San José City Council action on the Ellis Act - April 2019