In San José, Huy Tran found home, opportunity, and success. Now he’s ready to take his skills and advocacy to City Hall and deliver for our community. 

Huy Tran was born in Hawthorne, California to Hai Tran and Kim Ho, refugees who escaped Da Nang by boat. They made the incredibly difficult decision to leave their families behind, including their first-born daughter Doan Tran, to find safety and security in America. They moved to the Bay Area in 1986 to build their family, with Huy and his younger brother, Bao. It wasn’t until 1991 that their family was whole again, when Doan was able to join the family in America. Huy’s parents worked in landscaping with Kim eventually opening a nail salon. 

In 2001, Huy became a Spartan at San José State University. When Huy moved to San José to attend SJSU, he found community in its diverse and thriving neighborhoods, which led him to become a SJSU student organizer sharing a vision to empower young voices and fight for quality public education.

Huy graduated from SJSU in 2005, but like many young people, he struggled-he was working, but became unhoused. After working shifts as a bellman or bussing tables, Huy’s housing stabilized and he returned to community organizing, including with Vietnamese youth and families in North San Jose, and eventually law school, graduating from Santa Clara University School of Law in 2012.

In 2013, as a former service worker understanding the legal challenges that many workers face, Huy and Tomas Margain founded Justice at Work Law Group, dedicated to fighting for San José’s and Santa Clara County’s working families on employment issues, including wage theft, harassment, and discrimination. Their firm’s reputation grew, earning a distinction as the 2016 California Senate District 15 Small Business of the Year Award.


Currently, he is a Steering Committee member for the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition, Boardmember and past-President of the Vietnamese American Roundtable, and served as an appointed member of the Housing and Community Development Commission for the City of San José. In each of these roles, Huy’s priority is always to make a positive impact on San José’s working families and all of our neighbors. Huy has devoted his life to helping others, and he understands the necessity for City Hall to work in the interests of the people in San José.

San José has changed since Huy’s freshman year at SJSU, and the city will transform even more over the next decade with BART’s arrival, the growth of North San José, and increasing commercial and housing development. As we expand to accommodate our growing needs and solve our increasingly difficult challenges, we must fight displacement while protecting and improving our quality of life. 

San José is Huy’s home and he is ready to ensure every resident is afforded space to be heard and pursue any opportunity or dream. Huy has devoted his life to helping others and understands the necessity for City Hall to work in the interests of the people in San José. He is ready to make North San José a model for sustainable growth and vibrant communities so new residents are welcomed while preserving our quality of life. Huy currently lives in the Capewood neighborhood, and enjoys hiking at Alum Rock Park and other open spaces, doing musical performances, and building haunted houses during Halloween, his favorite holiday.


  • San José State University, BA Political Science 2005

  • Santa Clara University of Law, JD 2012

  • Vietnamese American Law Students, President and Internal Vice-President, 2010 - 2012

  • Vietnamese American Roundtable, Boardmember and Former President, 2011 - Current

  • Employment (Worker’s Rights) Attorney, Founder & Partner Justice at Law Group, 2013 - Current

  • Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition Steering Committee, 2013 - Current

  • Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California, Membership Committee, 2014 - 2016

  • City of San José Commissioner, 2017 - 2019 (Seeking reappointment)

  • Rapid Response Network of Santa Clara County, 2017 - Current

  • CA Assembly District 25 Community Hero Award 2018

  • CA Senate District 15 Small Business of the Year Award 2016